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7. Other interesting sites in Kashmir
:: Distance from Srinagar ::

  • 11Km, Anchar Lake (floating gardens and fishing)
  • 15Km, Pampore (The world capital of Saffron)
  • 19Km, Ganderbal (Garden and nice camp site)
  • 21Km, Dachigam (Wildlife reserve)
  • 24Km; Khir Bhavani (The most sacred hindu temples in Kashmir)
  • 24Km, Burzahom (Ruins from 4500 years)
  • 29Km, Awantipur (Good looking ruins of old hindu temples)
  • 32Km, Mansbal (The deepest lake of Kashmir and one of the most beautiful, Its Moghul garden is also magnificent)
  • 35Km, Sangam (famous for its cricket bats making)
  • 40Km, Yusmarg (beautiful gypsy valley. Hiking Base)
    :: Distance From Yusmarg ::
    - Doodhgangha (Stream, fishing) 2Km
    - Nil (High-altitude Lake) 4Km
    - Fres (High-altitude Lake) 8Km
    - Haijan, Burgah; Sangsafed, Trisur et Lidermad (Hiking and beautiful sceneries) between 8 and 23Km
  • 51Km, Aharbal (High waterfall and hiking base)
  • 56Km, Avantang (Curative sulphurous springs)
  • 56Km, Gulmarg (The meadow of gold)
    :: Distance from Gulmarg ::
    - The very beautiful sights on the "Namga Parbat", one of the highest mountains in the world.
    - The circular hiking of Gulmarg
    - Mahraja palace
    - The lake and the kids garden
    - Saint-Martin's church (one of the olde one in Kashmir, 120 years)
    - Khilanmarg (Spectacular Sights of Himalaya) 4Km
    - Kangdori (Springs. Cable car is available) 4Km
    - Banibali (High-altitude Lake 2936m) 4Km
    - Hazrat Baba Reshi (Moslem shrine) 5Km
    - Hiking along the streams; Ningle, Mallah and Ferozpore Nallah, 10 and 5Km
    - The strawberries valley (one of the most beautiful of Gulmarg) 6Km
    - Lienmarg (nice camp site) 11Km
    - Alpather lake (High-altitude Lake 3843m, frozen until middle of June) 13Km
    - Kantar (High-altitude Lake 4039m) 25Km
  • 58Km, Achabal (Moghul garden)
  • 60Km, Wular lake (The biggest fresh water lake in India)
  • 61Km, Mottan (one of the most impressive ruins of Kashmir)
  • 64Km, Martand (Beautiful landscapes and impressive ruins)
  • 70Km, Kokarnag (curative springs and botanical garden)
  • 80Km, Verinag (the river Jhelum spring and the Moghul Garden)
  • 83Km,Sonamarg (The valley of gold, it's a small valley at the feet of the glacier of the same name. Good hiking base)
  • 85Km, Daksum (Forest,fishing and hiking base)
  • 96Km, Pahalgam
    :: Distance from Pahalgam ::
    - An entertainment park and a deers park
    - Tulian (high-altitude Lake 3358m) 1.5Km
    - Mamlesvara (small stone Indian temple) 1.5Km
    - Baisaran (Valley) 5Km
    - Phirsilan (Landscapes and fishing) 7Km
    - Shikaragh (Beautiful landscapes and wildlife reserve) 7Km
    - Aru Valley (Good trekking base) 12Km

    - Tarsar and Marsar (high-altitude Lake) 35Km
    - Kolohoi glacier, 36Km
    - Amar Nath (Caves and big hindu shrine) 46.7Km